Links: French, Swiss, German

French, Swiss and German cultural information

Alsace, France Info.  Associations, societies, genealogical, records, archives/libraries, etc. 
FranceGenWeb.  Type the surname Studer into the search field.
French Culture.  French culture, foods, fashion, education, etc, etc. 

Swiss Genealogy on the Internet.  Projects, Kantons, Societies, Organizations.
Surnames, Records, History, Directories, Etc.  Surname searches : How to make contact, and more.
Swiss information.  Physical Geography and Ethnography., Swiss Genealogy Forum.
The Doug Schorey Genealogy home page.  Offers good Swiss research links and info.
Welcome to Switzerland.  And if you want to know more about the country of Switzerland.

Regional research in German speaking countries. A great source for German genealogy.
German Genealogy: Germans in the USA.  Research the German emigration process. 
Internet Sources of German Genealogy.  Databases, town locators, phone books, maps, newspapers, etc.

LANGUAGE Translation  FREE text or web page translation. Numerous language choices. 

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